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Wednesdays, (8:00-9:00 pm ET) on The CW

BULLETPROOF is an action-packed, cop drama that unites big, emotional stories with blood-pumping stunt sequences, as it follows two undercover cops who are best friends and bonded by the same moral code, despite their very different backgrounds.

 Adrenalin-fueled and packed with compelling characters, BULLETPROOF follows partners Bishop (Noel Clarke) and Pike (Ashley Walters) as they chase down hardened criminals in London’s East End. The series is both high-octane action and thrilling cases. On the surface, Bishop and Pike have a lot in common, they are cool, smart, unapologetically street-wise and tough; they share a deep, fraternal relationship and are always there for each other. Their personal motivations and emotional lives outside the police force differ, Pike is an aspirational family man, the son of a decorated police officer, determined to follow in his father’s footsteps, but not in his shadow. Bishop on the other hand, who never knew his father, grew up in foster care and on the streets.

Full of grit and sometimes gloss, BULETPROOF is stylish and funny with riveting criminal cases in each episode, which feed into a bigger, season-long mystery. At its heart though, it is a series about the meaning of family, as well as the fascinating relationship between best friends.

BULLETPROOF is from Vertigo Films and Company Pictures, with executive producers Allan Niblo (“Human Traffic”), Michele Buck (“Endeavour”), Judy Counihan (“No Man’s Land”), Nick Love (“The Football Factory”), Noel Clarke (“Brotherhood”) and Ashley Walters (“Top Boy”). BULLETPROOF, a Sky Original, was co-funded and distributed internationally by Sky Vision




Day and time: Wednesday 8:00-9:00 pm ET


Network debut: August 7, 2019


 Format: Bulletproof dives deep undercover onto the mean streets of London. A cinematic crime series that mixes drama, action and humor to deliver a distinctive and dynamic new take of the police buddy genre.


Cast: Ashley Walters as Ronnie Pike

Noel Clarke as Aaron Bishop

Christina Chong as Officer Nell McBride

Lashana Lynch as Arjana Pike

Mandeep Dhillon as Officer Kamali Khan

David Elliot as Tim’ Jonsey’ Jones

Jason Maza as Officer Chris Munroe

Caroline Goodall as Charlotte Carmel

Clarke Peters as Ronald Pike

Lindsey Coulson as Sarah Tanner



Executive Producers: Allan Niblo, Michele Buck, Judy Counihan, Nick Love, Noel Clarke, Ashley Walters


Origination: London, England


Produced by: Vertigo Films, Company Pictures, SkyVision


Media Contact: Lynn Esparo, (818) 977-2284








June 2019

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