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Known for delivering long form, on-the-ground journalism and newsworthy explorations of our world today, the Emmy-winning documentary series VICE is premiering on SHOWTIME early this year. Featuring a diverse group of award-winning journalists with a boundless passion and determination to inform, the 13-episode season will continue to shed light on a range of international issues through its exclusive reportage from the frontlines of global conflicts, civil uprisings and beyond. 

Produced by VICE News, VICE is executive produced by Subrata De and overseen by Jesse Angelo, President of Global News and Entertainment, VICE Media Group.



JESSE ANGELO - President, Global News and Entertainment

Jesse Angelo is President, Global News and Entertainment, VICE Media Group and oversees three of the company's five lines of business.  As VICE’s most senior strategic and operational content leader, Angelo spearheads the international expansion, growth and content development of the award-winning VICE News division, VICE’s digital channels, and the company's television business. He joined VICE Media Group in June 2019.

Before VICE, Angelo was most recently Chief of Digital Advertising Solutions for News Corp, as well as Publisher and CEO of The New York Post.

A native New Yorker, he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College with a degree in American History and Literature. He sits on the board of the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism CUNY Foundation, and co-edited Deadline Artists, two anthologies of America’s greatest newspaper columns.


SUBRATA DE - Executive Producer and Showrunner

 Subrata De oversees VICE's long-form documentary unit and was previously executive producer and showrunner for VICE on HBO, the Emmy-award winning weekly series. Before joining VICE, she was vice president, multi-platform newsgathering at ABC News. In that role, she oversaw domestic, foreign, digital and social media newsgathering -- coordinating coverage across all platforms for major stories such as the civil unrest following the Ferguson grand jury decision, the Paris terror attacks and the reporting in and about North Korea.

Subrata reinvigorated international storytelling through her support and oversight of ABC News Features, a new vertical launched during her time at the network. She also helped launch ABC News VR, with “Inside North Korea” and “Inside Syria” and was part of the team behind “Madaya Mom,” a true life digital comic book created with Marvel.

Prior to ABC, Subrata worked at MSNBC as the Executive Producer of "Andrea Mitchell Reports," and at NBC News as a Senior Producer, reporting stories and producing Nightly News broadcasts from over 20 countries, including Indonesia, Egypt, Israel, China, Iraq, Iran, Haiti and Afghanistan. She was lead producer on 17 presidential interviews, including eight with President Obama. She also reported across the U.S., including five years of in-depth reporting in post-Katrina New Orleans.

In May 2012, Subrata oversaw the groundbreaking special, "Inside the Situation Room," during which the team gained unprecedented access inside the White House in order to tell the story of the night the operation to target Osama Bin Laden unfolded.

She got her start in journalism as a radio reporter for the CBC in northern Canada. Subrata is the recipient of many industry awards, including the 2012 SAJA Leadership Award, two DuPont’s, the Peabody, five Emmy’s, the RFK Journalism Award and a Gracie for Individual Achievement.


SEB WALKER - VICE News’ DC Bureau Chief/Correspondent

 Seb Walker is the Washington DC Bureau Chief for VICE News. He’s an Emmy, Peabody, and DuPont-winning journalist with more than 15 years’ experience in international news reporting, and was formerly the Middle East Bureau Chief & International Correspondent for VICE News Tonight, the Emmy award-winning nightly newscast from VICE Media and HBO.

Since joining VICE News, Walker has covered the most important international issues across the globe. In 2017, he was part of the Emmy award-winning team which won for continuing coverage of a news story in a newscast for “Retaking Mosul,” a series of in-depth reports documenting the fight to push back ISIS in northern Iraq. He’s contributed groundbreaking reports from Afghanistan, Gaza, Libya, Iran and Iraq. Recently, Walker landed the first sit-down interview with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó since President Trump recognized him as Venezuela's president.

Before joining VICE News, Walker was the host of the Emmy award-winning current affairs documentary show Fault Lines on Al Jazeera, covering stories like protests in Ferguson, the CIA torture program, the Arab Spring uprisings in Libya and Bahrain, famine in Somalia, the US withdrawal from Iraq and two presidential elections. Previous to Fault Lines, Walker was Al Jazeera's Haiti correspondent. He arrived in Port-au-Prince less than 24 hours after the January 12 earthquake and stayed more than a year to cover Haiti's struggles with reconstruction, political chaos, and a deadly cholera epidemic.


PAOLA RAMOS - Host and Correspondent

 Paola Ramos joined VICE News as a correspondent December 2019. Ramos previously wrote for VICE.com and hosted the GLAAD-nominated VICE digital video series Latin-X, which covered underreported stories about the Latinx community from the HIV crisis on the Texas-Mexico border, to the meth epidemic in Fresno and the experiences of trans asylum seekers. She is a regular contributor on the Telemundo Network and MSNBC.

Ramos was the former Deputy Director of Hispanic Media for Hillary Clinton, as well as a former political appointee in the Obama White House. She received her B.A. from Barnard College, Columbia University and her Master of Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School



 Isobel Yeung is a multi award-winning correspondent working across “VICE News Tonight,” the Emmy award-winning half-hour nightly newscast, and VICE News’ multi award-winning longform documentary unit. She joined VICE in 2014 after working in China for four years, where she reported and developed shows for several Asian and U.K. TV channels, and wrote for notable international publications including The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent and South China Morning Post.

Yeung has reported from nearly every war zone throughout her deployments for VICE News, documenting conflict and crisis in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Turkey, the Philippines and Afghanistan. At “VICE News Tonight,” Yeung’s compelling reportage has covered a wide range of global stories, including the battle with ISIS across the Middle East and the Philippines and the crippling state of Assad-controlled Syria, as well as some of the most polarizing issues in the United States such as sexual consent during the age of the #MeToo movement. As the first correspondent to embed with Libyan coastguards and meet the migrants caught up in the system, her journalism earned two Emmy nominations for exposing the country as a migrant smuggling epicenter.

She describes her months-long undercover report from China as one of the most harrowing assignments of her career, revealing a look inside Chinese authorities’ heavy- handed, systematic oppression of the Uighur Muslims. Yeung’s fearless and raw reporting is the first of its kind from the region offering the most-extensive look into an on-going human rights crisis.

Yeung recently landed two Emmy Award wins for her unprecedented access to the frontlines of Yemen’s humanitarian crisis. In just three years, she’s also earned two Front Page awards and a Gracie Award.


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