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Hunter Biden Opens up About Battling Addiction, Emotional Family Intervention and Making Amends

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden spoke with CBS THIS MORNING co-host Anthony Mason about whether his business dealings ever crossed a line – including work for a Ukrainian company that became a big issue in President Trump’s first impeachment, whether he regrets putting his father’s political future at risk, his battle with addiction and his new memoir Beautiful Things.

Beautiful Things will be published Tuesday by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster (a division of ViacomCBS).

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- On his decision to serve on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma:

HUNTER BIDEN: The question of whether I would do it again though is no. I—

ANTHONY MASON: You wouldn’t do it again?

BIDEN: I wouldn’t.

MASON: You grew up in politics. Did you not think you might be putting a big bullseye on yourself ?

BIDEN: I didn’t fully comprehend the level to which this former administration and the people around it would go...The difference between the politics that you’re talking about in terms of the last – you know, four years –is a very different game. And I don’t ever want to again to hand a weapon to people that would use it – in an illegitimate way that they use the weapon of me against my dad.

- On whether the laptop containing allegedly incriminating documents belonged to him:

BIDEN: You don’t need a laptop. You got a book. The book-- it’s all in the book. And I don’t know. I-- I truly-- the—

MASON: You don’t know?

BIDEN: --the serious answer is that I truly do not know the answer to that.

MASON: Did you-- did you leave a-- a laptop with a repairman in Wilmington?

BIDEN: Not that I remember. Not-

MASON: Not that you remember.

BIDEN: Not--that I remember-- No. No. But whether or not-- somebody has my laptop, whether or not-- it was a-- I was hacked, whether or not there exists a laptop at all, I truly don’t know.

- On whether President Biden ever benefited financially from his son’s business dealings or received money from him: “Nothing, ever...Not a nickel...Directly or indirectly, not a nickel, ever.”

-On his battle with addiction: “Most people who’ve gone through what I’ve gone through are either dead or in jail.”

- On his affair with his brother’s widow Hallie: “Both of us had gone through the most incredibly-- painful loss. And it was out of love. And I thought that maybe that love would bring my brother back. And it didn’t work.”

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