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Monday, September 13 will see DailyMailTV return for season five.

DailyMailTV is daily syndicated newsmagazine from Stage 29 Productions. It brings the best of the world’s most popular newspaper website, DailyMail.com to life on television.


From exclusive stories to breaking news, showbiz, crime, health and science and technology, DailyMailTV is must-watch television. 


The show tells captivating stories from across the United States and around the globe. Viewers have become addicted to DailyMailTV just as they have to DailyMail.com.


DailyMailTV had the highest rated national debut of any syndicated newsmagazine since 2007. Since its launch, the show has grown by double digits and averages more than 1.6 million daily viewers – maintaining its rookie lead.


DailyMailTV won the 2018-2019 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment News Program.


The series is executive produced by Martin Clarke (Publisher, dmg media), Carla Pennington (executive producer of DR. PHIL and THE DOCTORS), Jay McGraw (executive producer of THE DOCTORS and the CBS drama series BULL), Dr. Phil McGraw (executive producer of DR. PHIL, THE DOCTORS and the CBS drama series BULL).


Jeffrey Wilson (THE INSIDER) and Eric Beesemyer (DR. OZ and GOOD MORNING AMERICA) are the show’s day to day executive producers.

CBS Media Ventures, which distributes DR. PHIL and THE DOCTORS, handles the distribution of DailyMailTV.

DailyMailTV is filmed in New York City.


Sean Walsh