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The Drew Barrymore Show: Chelsea Clinton Reveals She Broke The News To Her Mother Hillary Clinton About Yesterday's Events At The Capitol & Shares Her Reaction








Chelsea Clinton on Hillary Clinton’s Reaction to Yesterday’s Events at the Capitol

Drew: Have your parents spoken to you of any wisdom in this moment that we might be able to benefit from?

Chelsea: I spoke to my mom yesterday at about 3PM and she had just come from back from a walk, because in this moment of staying separate and apart and safe she goes on these walks every day to go outside, get some fresh air, in a mask of course and, she hadn’t seen what happened Drew. I said, ‘Mom you have to turn on the television’ and there’s just silence. And so much sadness and also so much anger that this was happening. And then we spoke later last night there’s a real sense of  we have to hold people accountable because we do. The insurrectionists, the terrorists, the mob who overwhelmed our Capitol. We have to hold those people accountable and we have to hold our President accountable who incited them, egged them on and while it’s good that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have locked his account, it’s insufficient to put it mildly. We have to stop not only the amplification but the injection of hate and instability and violence that he has personified over the last couple of years.


Chelsea Clinton Shares She is, ‘So achingly sad that we had insurrectionists storm our Capitol’

Drew: How are you?

Chelsea: Oh gosh, what a heavy question today. How am I? I’m really sad Drew, I’m sad is the overwhelming emotion I feel. I’m just so achingly sad that we had insurrectionists storm our Capitol. It hadn’t happened since 1814, since the war of 1812, when the British invaded our country and that we had white nationalist terrorists effectively overwhelm our Capitol, terrorize our elected men and women of Congress, our Capitol police. Defame and deface the Capitol building, loot the Capitol building wearing camp Auschwitz sweatshirts, waving confederate flags, it’s just horrifying to me and then trying to explain what was happening to our children. I’m very sad today, I’m incredibly grateful and proud that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will indeed be our next President and Vice President of The United States and I’m holding that pride deep in my heart and my soul. I’m just really sad, really sad today.


Chelsea Clinton on This Being the Beginning of Change

Drew: I was listening to Van Jones who said something that I’ve been holding onto where he said, ‘Is this the end of something or the beginning of something? And we make that choice right now.’… Do you think that this can be a turning point and the beginning of, I certainly watched all the Senators speak on both sides and I want to be always inclusive to both sides, I’m not a party person I’m a humanist and to see temperatures calm as so many had hoped for, do you think that’s possible now in the wake of all this?

Chelsea: I think Drew the answer to your question is at the beginning of the question. It’s possible if we make it possible and I was up really late last night too watching all of the proceedings on the Senate and the House floor and was similarly really reassured to see Mitt Romney and Republicans putting country over party and being patriotic after a day of very much the opposite on display in the hallowed halls of our Capitol and I do think we have to ensure that this is the end of something and the end of not only a handful of years in which hate was kind of mainlined into our national conversation and somehow allowed to become acceptable in which we have seen huge rises in hate crimes against black Americans, Jewish Americans, Muslims, women often aided, abetted, egged on by our President. I do think we have to ensure this is the end of something. This also has to be the end of 400 years of white supremacy in our country and the fact that we saw confederate flags in the Capitol yesterday is hopefully just a call that we have to ensure that we are moving forward and that we are moving forward honestly. I think what you said is so beautiful Drew, you are an optimist but also a realist. I am just thinking so much today how we teach history, how we teach civics in our country and I think we have to do a much better and honest job.




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