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The Drew Barrymore Show: Carrie Underwood on Recording With Her Son, Her Organization & Fitness Tips & More!











BodyArmor Lyte Ambassador Carrie Underwood on Recording “Little Drummer Boy” With Her Son

Drew: You released your first holiday album…and your son is on it. Will you please tell me what making that album was like?

Carrie: It was always a bucket list thing that I have always wanted to do...I knew at end of 2019 that was the next step I wanted to take and started working on the Christmas album. It was such a joy for me, especially throughout 2020 to be able to work on such positive music. Getting to sing Christmas, you can’t be upset in the time that you are just singing Christmas songs. It was such a nice stress reliever for me to be able to go into the studio and sing these songs. "Little Drummer Boy" is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever and as I was recording it, I could just hear my son’s little perfect 5-year-old voice singing these words because that’s just his personality. He is a giver, he wants to make things for you and give things to you. He likes to write songs, ‘Here’s a song I made up.’ So I asked him if he wanted to come in and sing with me and he was super excited and did such a great job.

Drew: Now when you hear his voice, I don’t know if singing is hereditary…How do you know? Or this was just fun and you wanted to do it.

Carrie: Well it was just fun and I wanted to do it but also you can kind of tell when someone has pitch. He can sing along with me and you can tell what song he’s singing if he’s singing on his own because he’s singing the correct notes. He’s almost six but he’s just a little guy so I don’t know if he’ll have that or have that passion at all. We are supportive of whatever he wants to do but he definitely has pitch so I figured him coming in and singing we could make it to use the best parts of what he did and make it good. But honestly most of it was from one take which is impressive.

Drew: Is that now one of those memories that just lives on?

Carrie: Yes, I told everybody, I was like, ‘I don’t know how cooperative he’s going to be. I don’t know if he’s going to do it once and be like, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.’ If nothing else I have this moment, I have this day he came to work with me and see what I do and it was such a magical experience in the studio but then having that moment ingrained forever in a musical form, his little voice. He already pronounces his rums, like just from that point to this point…That was such a fleeting moment. It’s not there anymore and I have that forever.

Drew: It’s so true, like my kids if they come to visit me at work I don’t know what version of them I’m getting that day. Some days they come on and they’ll be into it and cute and charming and want to participate and some days they are not in that mood. It’s exciting when they are in your world, you can enjoy it. Things are flowing. It’s like these are these moments I cherish so much.

Carrie: Can’t get them back that’s for sure. 


Drew & Carrie Reveal Why They Make Their Bed Every Day

Drew: It’s funny because I read that you like to make your bed and when the person said,  ‘Your head is as messy as your room is,’ a starting place for me was the bed and it became symbolic I start the day this way that intention might carry me through other areas.

Carrie: Well it’s the kind of thing, ‘Does this take me that long to do? No.’ Just do it and get it over with and then get on with your life and that’s how I look at working out and taking care of myself too. Just get it done, get up, go to the gym, then it’s over you feel better, you are doing something good for yourself. And you think it’s just making your bed but it makes you feel better. You check it off the list and you move on and get on to more important things. And you have that foundation of I’ve already done something today.


Carrie on Her Book “Find Your Path” & Mixing Up Her Workouts with A Deck of Cards & Music

Carrie: At the core of what I do I’m a working mom, I have a busy schedule taking kids to school and to whatever practices are going on and juggling like we all are and you know we offer a lot of hacks and tricks to eating healthy on the go and making sure you have easily grabble foods in your refrigerator and pantry. Enjoy your life. It is all about balance. We do talk about the Fit52 workout…We use a deck of cards we flip a card over and the suit tells you what exercise you’re doing, whatever you’ve laid out for yourself and the number tells you how many reps….

Drew: I think there is such a poetry and a joy I want to go home tonight and whip out my deck of cards and do this. I also will be downloading your playlist suggestions which I skimmed through and completely speaks to me. Doesn’t music change everything?

Carrie: It does that’s such a great tip too to getting into the gym as well, make it fun. Play your games, switch it up. Have a playlist. My playlist varies day to day, this morning I did something it was all about boy bands and the whole thing was just boy bands and I was like this is fun because you wonder who is going to come next. It’s just fun to switch it up and get silly, it’s okay.


Drew & Carrie Surprise 7-Year-Old Hayley Orlinsky Who Has Already Raised Over $27,000 For Frontline Workers with A Combined Donation of $10,000



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