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Name (Age): Carolyn Rivera, 52

Tribe Designation: White Collar (Masaya)

Current Residence: Tampa, Fla.

Occupation: Corporate Executive

Personal Claim to Fame: Maintaining a 36-year relationship with my husband, raising three successful kids, and getting my master’s degree while working full-time. I have also been able to mentor others and guide them to complete their education.

Inspiration in Life: Hilary Clinton – I think she represents women well. She is strong and she fights for good causes. She handled adversity well and was able to keep her family together through difficult times. She is a role model, strong-willed, highly competitive, inspiring, influential and assertive. She is the ultimate survivor!

Hobbies: Sports, karaoke and shopping.

What is your favorite sport? Softball would be my favorite. I played in college and throughout my adult life. I also love volleyball and soccer. I work out every day and love to challenge myself by doing Tough Mudders.

Pet Peeves: I hate to be lied to (so this should be interesting on SURVIVOR). Do what you say you are going to do. If something is wrong, you need to tell me, because I can’t read your mind. Don’t ask the question if you are not ready for the answer!

Three Words to Describe You: Competitive, funny and passionate.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why? 

An iPod with 39 days of battery life. I listen to music to get pumped up before sporting events.

Warm clothes, because I hate being cold.

Picture of my family, because I know I would be thinking of them throughout my adventure. (See? New Yorkers do have a sweet side!)

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like:  I want to play like Sandra because she is two for two. I also loved Denise because she was smart, in good shape and used her psychology background to help her. She was able to hang with Malcolm and the older crowd. I am going to play like that.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: My primary motivation for being on Survivor is for the adventure of a lifetime! It is my dream. Every time I watch an episode, I picture myself in the situation, and I know I can win. I am also motivated by money, so the prize is very attractive. And then I will have a new favorite topic for dinner conversations! 

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I got the athletic game, no problem. I do not take crap from people (yeah, New Yorker). I have a positive attitude, I’m very enthusiastic and I can influence people. I have worked with all kinds of people at all levels and cultures. I am certified in Myers-Briggs and I teach leadership skills. I am also funny so people will gravitate to me (as long as you don’t piss me off!).

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: Survivor is about three things: You have to be athletic, strategic and build relationships. This game was made for me. I push myself to do things. I am highly competitive and I know how to influence others. But I do need to keep my Queens attitude in check. You have to be a leader and know when to make the big move. And look, I am a New Yorker and good TV! A true winner for all!


Name (Age): Dan Foley, 47

Tribe Designation: Blue Collar (Escameca)

Current Residence: Gorham, Maine

Occupation: Postal Worker

Personal Claim to Fame: I had a terrible fear of heights, so I faced it head-on. I went on my first airplane ride… and jumped out at 13,000 feet. Heights don’t really bother me anymore.

Inspiration in Life: My dad, Phil Foley. Now that I am an adult, I look back on the things my dad did for my family (my siblings, my mom and myself) and I realize what kind of sacrifices he made for us. Having been one of the four kids that my parents adopted, I acknowledge even more the love that he gave all of us growing up and continues to give every day.

Hobbies: Anything with my wife, Erin, disc golf and working on my properties.

What is your favorite sport? If I’m watching, football, and if I’m playing, disc golf.

Pet Peeves: People who drive too slow in the fast lane and won’t get out of the way.  

Three Words to Describe You:  Opinionated, adventurous and gregarious.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why? 

  1.  A deck of cards to help pass the time
  2.  A picture of my family to remind me of what’s waiting for me
  3.  Some disc golf discs to help bond with my tribe-mates and to possibly use to hunt


SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I think I have Stephenie’s competitive spirit, Tony’s cunning and scheming gameplay, and Rupert’s strength, love of family and stunning good looks.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: To claim my rightful place amongst the elite winners of Survivor! Second, to challenge myself in the greatest psychological and sociological challenge ever!

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  Obviously, any challenge that involves a lot of running will not be in my “wheelhouse,” but anything involving gross food eating, strength, swimming, puzzles or balance, I’ll be in it to the end. As for the social game, I am a world-class “schmooze” artist. I can charm my way out of almost anything.

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: As a landlord, I am excellent at reading people and controlling some pretty out-of-control situations.  As an Irishman, I have a glorious stubborn streak and I hate to lose. As a technician, I have a very analytical mind, so I’ll be great at puzzles. I’m also very good with my hands so I’ll be a big help around camp. I am the entire package. Also, I am not above taking the rules of fair play in a spirited competition and grinding them to dust beneath my heel.


Name (Age): Hali Ford, 25

Tribe Designation: No Collar (Nagarote)

Current Residence: San Francisco

Occupation: Law Student

Personal Claim to Fame: Catching a huuuge wave last winter in Kauai.

Inspiration in Life: Clara S. Foltz – First female lawyer on the West Coast and inventor of public defense. I admire her trailblazing approach to law and life. My law school, UC Hastings, refused to admit her based on sex, so she sued them and graduated at the top of her class (while raising five children).

Hobbies: Surfing, jiu-jitsu, motorcycles and whatever comes my way.

What is your favorite sport? Jiu-jitsu and surfing.

Pet Peeves: Not maximizing time and resources.   

Three Words to Describe You:  Tenacious, free and focused.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why?

Law school bar review book - so I can stay sharp, plus it doubles as a journal

A pen and journal - to map out strategy

Ukulele - because it lifts the spirits and could become useful in other, non-musical ways

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Parvati Shallow, because she is fun and vivacious, but more than meets the eye, always planning, calculating risks both strategic and social. She is physically strong and undaunted by rejection and resistance. We also have matching tats.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: The game itself. It is the ultimate personal challenge and something to tell the grandkids.

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I’m inimitably resourceful. Last summer, I caught a fish in a plastic grocery bag while camping and cleaned and cooked the fish for friends. I’m upbeat and fun, so surviving socially will be no sweat. I also perform well under pressure.

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I grab everything I do by the horns and don’t let go until I get what I want. SURVIVOR will be no different.


Name (Age): Jenn Brown, 22

Tribe Designation: No Collar (Nagarote)

Current Residence: Long Beach, Calif.

Occupation: Sailing Instructor 

Personal Claim to Fame: Traveling the world solo on a whim. 

Inspiration in Life: My father – he’s 58 and still runs 15 miles a day. He was a fighter pilot for 20 years and is the most genuinely kind and caring person I know.  He did an absolutely amazing job raising his kids and I couldn’t image life without him. 

Hobbies: Surfing, kickboxing and hiking.

What is your favorite sport? Surfing and hockey.

Pet Peeves: Sleeping with sleeves or socks on. 

Three Words to Describe You:  Outgoing, resilient/savvy and candid.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why?

A hammock, because I seriously love those things and people lying in them tend to be happier.

A camera, because I would like to be able to look back on this experience and show my loved ones SURVIVOR from my perspective, not the TV one they’ll see.

Sour candy, because I love sour candy. 

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Malcolm. He’s just like me in guy form, or maybe Kate, as she had a strong personality.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I’ve wanted to be on the show since I watched the first season in third grade. I would absolutely kill it in the game and I could use the bucks.

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I believe I would boost morale, as well as provide food for the camp because I like to think of myself as a decent cook and fisherman. I also am very confident and would absolutely kill it in physical and mental challenges. 

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I’ve seen every season. I know how to win and I know what strategies work and for how long/when in the game they are best to start using. Also, I’m mean enough to make it to the end but likeable enough to still get the jury’s votes. Plus, I can B.S. my way through just about any situation.


Name (Age): Joaquin Souberbielle, 27

Tribe Designation: White Collar (Masaya)

Current Residence: Valley Stream, N.Y.

Occupation: Marketing Director

Personal Claim To Fame: Living a life that has allowed me to overindulge and experience so much of the beauty the world has to offer. 

Hobbies: Traveling, sports and fitness.

Inspiration In Life: Derek Jeter for his dedication, finesse and choice in women, of course. 

What is your favorite sport? Football. 

Pet Peeves: People who have no common sense. 

Three Words to Describe You:  Outgoing, charismatic and social.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I’m not like any prior contestants.  It’s the first time you’ll ever see anyone like me. I promise you will enjoy this. 

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why? 

Alcohol, because everything’s better with alcohol. A speaker with music for entertainment and that’s all we really need. Add it together and we have a party!  

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I’m taking my talents to SURVIVOR, to show the world my athletic skills and relentless will to win at any cost. Obviously.  

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: I’ve always managed to find a way to survive in every situation life has thrown at me. I’m sure I’ll be just fine.  

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I’ll be the sole Survivor because I have all the attributes it takes to win this game. I’m smart, social and unbelievably athletic


Name (Age): Joe Anglim, 25

Tribe Designation: No Collar (Nagarote)

Current Residence: Scottsdale, Ariz.

Occupation: Jewelry Designer

Personal Claim to Fame: I am most proud of winning a state championship for basketball my senior year of high school. In college, I played indoor volleyball at Northern Arizona University. After four years of being self-coached and self-funded, we upset the #1 team in the nation in the finals of a Vegas tournament. 

Inspiration in Life: My dad.  My whole life, he was incredibly hard on me and always pushing me to become better at everything I did. He grew up very poor and in a large family in which he endured a lot of hardships. Through the pain and sadness of divorce, family tragedies and death of loved ones, he was still able to keep faith and carry on. He has been an amazing father and role model to me and my sisters and he is a loyal hardworking husband who puts others before himself. I’ve always looked up to him and I hope that I can be as strong, loving and fearless as he is when I become a husband and father.

Hobbies: I enjoy anything that allows me to work with my hands. These include metalworking, painting, drawing and welding. I also love the outdoors - you name it: Hiking, climbing, hunting, camping, etc. 

What is your favorite sport? It’s a true tie between basketball and volleyball. I love hoops, but the last several years I've been playing a lot of sand volleyball, which I love playing down here in the valley of the sun.

Pet Peeves: Bad hygiene, rude, inconsiderate people, that person with really nasty coffee breath who has no idea what personal space is, when the last person to use the bathroom doesn’t replace the empty toilet paper roll, and when someone is telling a story and every other word is “like.”

Three Words to Describe You: Creative, compassionate and charismatic.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why?

A fully stocked self-replenishing ice-chest

A toothbrush, since I hate the feeling of my teeth being grimy.

Loaded-up iPod because I love listening to music.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: There are so many players that I relate to in different ways. In terms of game play, I would have to say it’s a combination of Malcolm and Ozzy.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be on SURVIVOR. My primary motivation is that every day I dream about competing and earning the title of sole Survivor. With every season, my desire to play has grown more and more. The game is a true test of self-awareness as well as mental, physical and emotional determination. There is also a perk of a million dollars. I would honestly play SURVIVOR for way less, but the fact that it is one million dollars makes it that much sweeter. 

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: I would be an asset to the tribe because I am athletic and very competitive. I love competition and I hate losing. I am not lazy and I don’t mind doing what needs to get done in order to help others. I feel that I’m in decent physical shape, but I will work hard and will bust my butt in challenges and around camp. I have worked in different jobs that have focused on customer service and have dealt with a wide range of diversity in the workplace. This has taught me how to communicate and connect with people I don’t know.  I’m a very social person and I enjoy getting to know people and their story. Being one of the most important aspects of Survivor, I feel my social game will be strong and lead to my success in the game 

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: With every season I watch, I can’t help but imagine that I'm actually in the game playing. My brain goes into game/strategy mode as I put myself in the shoes of the current contestants and analyze how I would deal with the conflicts each is faced with. Of course, it’s different when you’re sitting at home on the couch and know what every player is thinking. However, I feel that I am well rounded enough, athletic enough and mentally strong enough to adapt to the people I’m put with. I am confident in the life skills I possess and I feel I can maintain my focus despite all of the other personal and crazy things the game may and will throw my way. After being such a huge fan for so many years, I truly respect how complex and challenging the game is. I am ready to battle and I want my shot in the ultimate arena that is Survivor.


Name (Age): Kelly Remington, 44

Tribe Designation: Blue Collar (Escameca)

Current Residence: Grand Island, N.Y.

Occupation: State Trooper

Personal Claim to Fame: My career, because I get to use my pepper spray, handcuffs, night stick and Taser before I even walk out of the house.

Inspiration in Life: My mom – she raised three kids on her own.

What is your favorite sport? Watching football and playing racquetball.

Pet Peeves: Commitment

Three Words to Describe You: Compassionate, adventurous and spontaneous

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why? 

  1.  iPod
  2.  Bike
  3.  Camera


Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: The million dollars and the adventure of being on Survivor.

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I can analyze people and I have a competitive drive.

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I am smart, witty and have the drive/need for the $1 million.


Name (Age): Lindsey Cascaddan, 24

Tribe Designation: Blue Collar (Escameca)

Current Residence: College Park, Fla.

Occupation: Hairdresser

Personal Claim to Fame: I’m proud of me in general. I think building a human being is a pretty cool landmark. I’m proud of the fitness competition I’ve won. I’m proud of the success I have built in my career. I’m just proud.

Inspiration in Life: I try not to make the people I admire and look up to into heroes because it gives them so much room for disappointment. At the same time, I try to find the hero in everyone, which has both helped me and hurt me in so many ways. Every day heroes are my heroes.

Hobbies: Working out, cooking and anything artistic.

What is your favorite sport? Dating.

Pet Peeves: Know-it-alls, people that talk too much, laziness, annoying accents, people who push their beliefs on people.  

Three Words to Describe You:  Crazy (in the best way!), competitive and quirky.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why? 

  1.  Pictures of my family
  2.  Water proof mascara
  3.  Vodka


SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I most relate to Ciera from “Blood vs. Water” because she’s a young mom, a hairstylist, and I think she made big moves when it mattered most. She’s hard-working and competitive. I’m all that, plus strength!

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I want to be on the show because I want to win! I want to show America that you can’t judge a book by its cover! I want to have the time of my life.

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I’m very crafty! I can cook, I’m handy, and I’m a good distraction because I’m pretty. I’m the most strategic, stubborn and athletic girl I know! I’m resourceful, I’m vicious and I think I do very well under pressure.

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I’ll win because I am the perfect storm of smart, strategic and strong. I’m well-versed in people-pleasing when I need to. I’m tough as nails and people will underestimate me!


Name (Age): Max Dawson, Ph.D., 37

Tribe Designation: White Collar (Masaya)

Current Residence: Topanga, Calif. 

Occupation: Media Consultant

Personal Claim to Fame: I taught a college class on SURVIVOR at Northwestern University.

Inspiration in Life: My father, who has survived Vietnam, heart disease, cancer, botched surgeries, MRSA and more than 40 years of living with my mom and grandmother.

Hobbies: Going to the beach, swinging kettlebells and collecting vinyl records.

Pet Peeves: Waiting

Three Words to Describe You:  Outspoken, brilliant and bearded.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why?

A black cat. No matter how rough things get, petting a black cat always makes me feel better.  

A bunch of kale. Kale is the food of the gods.

A tin of beard wax. Just because I'm starving on an island doesn't mean I can't look fresh. 

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Jonathan Penner. We are both opinionated, outspoken, truth-telling Jews who make our livings with our words. Like him, I love SURVIVOR and all that it stands for.  I believe that the game deserves to be honored by the individuals who are fortunate enough to play it. 

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: First and foremost, I am playing to win. That said, I'm also strongly motivated by the prospect of hearing Probst say, “All the fixins.”

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I’ll survive because of my laser-like focus, confidence, conviction and level-headedness. Oh, and did I mention that I taught a college class on SURVIVOR?

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I am a natural salesperson, and the product I am best at selling is myself. I’ve aced every interview I’ve been in, received every job I’ve applied for and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of research to major corporations. In recent years, I have consciously worked to hone my abilities to read, understand and influence others, learning and refining new techniques that I’ve employed to great effect in my career and personal life. I have no doubt whatsoever that I will enjoy an equal level of success in SURVIVOR.




Name (Age): Mike Holloway, 38

Tribe Designation: Blue Collar (Escameca)

Current Residence: North Richland Hills, Texas

Occupation: Oil Driller 

Personal Claim to Fame: Paying off my house in 2 ½ years. It took a lot of Ramen noodle nights, but to see the focus and drive pay off, was priceless.

Inspiration in Life: Don Couch – he is the man and I call him “Dad.” Even though we are in no way related he took it upon himself to teach me how to be man. He is a man of morals and values and he is a man of his word. He means what he says and is who he says. What a mentor.

Hobbies: Disc golf, running and picking up the ladies! Haha!

What is your favorite sport? When I was younger, it was playing football because the sound of someone losing their air is awesome. Now that I am older, it is disc golf because I love the challenge of me against the course. 

Pet Peeves: People who are bad at time management. If you say you’re going to be somewhere at a certain time, be there! Also spelling, I can’t stand it when someone can’t spell.

Three Words to Describe You: Loyal, Ambitious and Clever.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why?

Any ball because I can make a game out of anything, MacGyver-ish in this case. But it would be nice to have a ball.

Toilet paper because it kind of stinks rubbing your bum with your hands.

Tooth brush because it’s refreshing not having yuck mouth.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Cochran, because he knows the game and how to move pieces; Ozzy because that dude has the best posture of anyone and he’s a badass; and Rob because he takes over and gives 110% at everything.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: There’s a competitive fire inside me.  I can’t get enough. I live to compete daily in my own life. If you guys let me loose on the challenges you will see. Also, I want to see if I am as good of a manipulator as I think I am.

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I have a never-quit attitude. If I have to die, I will before I quit! I am also confident in who I am and what I can do and can’t do. The ol’ “fake it till you make it” applies here. I also am a leader; people naturally flock to me because of my outgoing attitude on life.

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: My life is constantly changing. At work, I must adapt to what the oil well is doing and sometimes drastic measures need to be taken. In my personal life, I have had to overcome being molested and bullied when I was young and not having a father.  Learning to be influenced by the right people has been no easy chore. I have grown into my own skin – I know who I am and what I am about.  My faith has made me whole, my family and friends have me strong, and my experiences have made me adapt.  Let’s get it on!


Name (Age): Nina Poersch, 51

Tribe Designation: No Collar (Nagarote)

Current Residence: Palmdale, Calif.

Occupation: Hearing Advocate

Personal Claim to Fame: Overcoming my deafness. At no point did I let it rule my life. I did not let it bring me down. I have been able to educate people about the Cochlear Implant. I am very proud to say that I have inspired people to not let life’s unexpectedness beat them up, to find the positive, and to live life like there’s no tomorrow.

Inspiration in Life: My mom. She moved to the U.S. after marrying my dad and giving birth to me. It wasn’t a dream of hers to move to the U.S., but she fell in love and made the ultimate sacrifice. Upon moving here, she took English lessons and got her citizenship. Moving here did not come easy, people were prejudiced and mean-spirited, but she didn’t let that get her down. She taught me that no matter how bad my day may have been that I shouldn’t take it out on others. She taught me kindness, helpfulness and respect.

Hobbies: Running, hiking, reading and photography.

What is your favorite sport? Rugby.

Pet Peeves: Laziness, rudeness and people who can’t park between the lines.

Three Words to Describe You: Persuasive, resourceful and funny.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why? 

  1.  A journal so I could write about my experiences and share with my family and friends later.
  2.  A picture of my family to look at, find me strength and keep me grounded.
  3.  Deck of cards for entertainment.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I would say that I can relate to Tina Wesson because she played the game how I would – strategically and with integrity.  She’s also physically fit, active and enjoys adventure, much like myself!

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: My primary motivation would be for the million dollars. I’d buy my parents first class tickets to Japan! My secondary motivation would be for the adventure and to be able to show people that you can overcome anything life throws at you. I would love for more people to know about the cochlear implant!

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I’m physically fit and have climbed the six tallest peaks in Southern California.  I’m hard-working and have great organizational and leadership skills, and I’d bring energy and motivation since I’m always the optimist.  

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I have always said that to win SURVIVOR you need to sell yourself. That is something in my favor because of my own persuasive abilities. I also feel strategy is important and I have always been a proactive person. I don’t like surprises and therefore I am always thinking one step ahead.


Name (Age): Rodney Lavoie Jr., 24

Tribe Designation: Blue Collar (Escameca)

Current Residence: Boston, Mass.

Occupation: General Contractor

Personal Claim to Fame: I was captain of the Boston high school all-star football team and the basketball team. Also, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Inspiration in Life: Tom Brady – he is the “G.O.A.T.” He has three Super Bowl rings, a wife who is a “10,” loves his line of work, and fires me up. Go Pats!

Hobbies: Going to the gym, working out, playing basketball, video games, popping bottles at the club and going to sporting events and concerts.

What is your favorite sport? Basketball and football.

Pet Peeves: When guys take kissy-face selfies on social media and poor driving etiquette.

Three Words to Describe You:  Loyal, passionate and amusing.  

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why? 

  1.  Cell phone (if it has service).
  2.  My boys
  3.  A group of girls

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: No one! Nobody is going to play this game like how you’re about to see me play.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: To show the world I am the total package. I’m not just an athlete or hustler, but I can beat out everyone for the million.

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I am athletic, a hustler, persuasive, a team player, amusing and strong.

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: With my smarts, athletic ability, hustle like a salesman and personality, I think I can make it, baby!


Name (Age): Shirin Oskooi, 31

Tribe Designation: White Collar (Masaya)

Current Residence: San Francisco, Calif.

Occupation: Yahoo Executive

Personal Claim to Fame: Made Google Calendar the #1 online calendar in the world, and helping take care of my mom financially.

Inspiration in Life: Larry David, because he is a hilarious weirdo who says and does whatever he wants. RuPaul because “fierce queen,” “no tea no shade,” “now sissy that walk.”

Hobbies: Traveling, exotic food, whistling champion and mind games.

What is your favorite sport? Field hockey

Pet Peeves: Quitters and morons.

Three Words to Describe You:  Competitive, clever and quirky.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why?

A goat (or a muffin)




SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like:  Sandra as a sassy brown woman who doesn’t take crap from anybody. Rob Cesternino as a witty, sharp, know-it-all SURVIVOR nerd who keeps tabs on everybody.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR:  I want to win the ultimate social game, my favorite game in the world.

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I’m intelligent and creative enough to outsmart the challenges. I love to eat everything (bugs, slimy sea creatures) and would be great at scavenging protein-rich food. I bounce back quickly from mistakes/losses. People underestimate me and won’t see me as a threat.

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I practice “voting people out” in real life and succeed. I’m a fighter and risk-taker. I’m super smart, observant, and don’t let my emotions govern my actions at work, let alone in games. I have no qualms with using people or their secrets to get ahead.



Name (Age): Sierra Dawn Thomas, 27

Tribe Designation: Blue Collar (Escameca)

Current Residence: Roy, Utah

Occupation: Barrel Racer

Personal Claim to Fame: I was the national champion barrel racer and all-around cowgirl in high school rodeo and also a national champion in college rodeo rankings. 

Inspiration in Life: I can’t just pick one. But, my mom and dad are my heroes because they have been through so much and through it all they stay positive. They are my main support system and I wouldn’t have accomplished what I have if it wasn’t for them.

Hobbies: Rodeo, basketball, football, hunting and fishing.

What is your favorite sport? Rodeo, basketball and long-distance running.

Pet Peeves: Being late because it’s so disrespectful, when people loudly chew their food and underachievers (at least give it an honest try).

Three Words to Describe You: Competitive, athletic and outgoing.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why? 

  1.  A radio, because music makes my soul happy.
  2.  A notepad and pen, because I love writing down my thoughts and goals.
  3.  Chocolate milk, because I literally can drink a gallon in two days.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Parvati Shallow, hands down, because she’s not overly aggressive and uses her female traits to her advantage, she’s a very intelligent woman.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I truly believe there is little I cannot do. My physical, mental and emotional capabilities are of a man’s level.

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I’m not afraid to set impossible goals and strive to achieve them. I’m extremely athletic and push my body to its utmost limit.

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I am a 6’1” model and most people just see me as a pretty face, but I’m a cowgirl and rancher who doesn’t mind doing a man’s job. I am also an extreme athlete. I played basketball, volleyball and ran track and cross-country in high school (got offered a full ride scholarship for college basketball but decided to take the rodeo scholarship). I am a college student who’s going to school for a master’s in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Corrections. I believe in strategizing and I am not afraid to push myself mentally and physically. 


Name (Age): So Kim, 31

Tribe Designation: White Collar (Masaya)

Current Residence: Long Beach, Calif.

Occupation: Retail Buyer

Personal Claim to Fame: Having the courage to reinvent myself. Last year, I turned 30, went through a divorce, moved across the country and changed jobs. It was simultaneously one of the best and worst years of my life, and I’m a stronger person for it.

Inspiration in Life: Anyone who lives life to the fullest, laughs with abandon and loves openly. 

Hobbies: Laughing, adventuring, traveling, dancing and LIVING.

What is your favorite sport? Surfing, swimming and eating.

Pet Peeves: Indecisiveness, “princess” attitudes, narcissism, procrastination, losing and complacency.

Three Words to Describe You: Spirited, charming and brutally honest

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why?

iPad with unlimited battery power – who doesn’t love a good dance party? Not to mention, I could record conversations as needed.

Sunglasses – my eyes give everything away.

Letters from loved ones – to remind me to have fun, dig deep and stay humble. 

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I am a combination of Ozzy (physically capable, agile, a bit self-righteous), Parvati (cute, flirty, coy) and Cochran (self-deprecating, paranoid and devious).

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I want to win and become the legendary female sole Survivor who made big moves and didn’t play it “safe!” The million bucks doesn’t hurt.

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I would completely be in my element in the game of Survivor. I live for extreme experiences! Whether that is competing in challenges, surviving the outdoor elements, or strategically navigating alliances, I know I would be laughing and having a good time with the people around me.

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: People who know me say I’m the strongest girl they know - physically, mentally and emotionally. Physically, I would kill it in challenges. Mentally, I am extremely analytical and approach things objectively. Emotionally, I know how to laugh at myself and make the best of any situation. And I would have no problem being manipulative in order to further myself!


Name (Age): Tyler Fredrickson, 33

Tribe Designation: White Collar (Masaya)

Current Residence: Los Angeles, Calif.

Occupation: Ex-Talent Agent Assistant 

Personal Claim to Fame: Kicking the game-winning field goal against #3 USC on National Television.

Inspiration in Life: Steven Spielberg because he succeeded by convincing everyone at Universal Studios (including lying to the gate guard!) that he was a director before he ever was.

Hobbies: Doing what others won’t, traveling and dressing up as a bearded hobo and jumping out at children in downtown Pasadena.

What is your favorite sport? Ha!

Pet Peeves: Quitters, apathy, people with horrible work ethics and whiners.

Three Words to Describe You:  Achiever, competitor and manipulator.  

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why? 

  1.  Scuba gear, because I can’t get enough of the ocean.
  2.  Bottle of cabernet, because it’s a great sunset drink with a girl.
  3.  I’m big on nostalgia, so a camera.


SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Boston Rob, because I’m a flirt with a relentless passion to win and will cut my tightest ally at the last minute.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: To win and to prove I still got it. I’m a huge fan, never missed a show and now that I’ve had time to build my life experiences, I have all the skills to dominate. I can’t wait to prove myself. 

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  Coming from the top agency, I survived – alone – the dragons and snakes, daily. I was dealing with the largest and most insecure egos in town. Everyone was the best, the brightest, and the most beautiful… even when they were not. You could abhor them but it was done with a smile so they had no idea. That’s SURVIVOR.

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR:  I worked two years at the top agency in the world – I can outwit. I have two master’s degrees, one from Berkeley and one from USC – I can outsmart. I played on seven professional football teams – I can outlast.


Name (Age): Vince Sly, 32

Tribe Designation: No Collar (Nagarote)

Current Residence: Santa Monica, Calif. 

Occupation: Coconut Vendor

Personal Claim to Fame: Traveling through 39 countries; all done on whim, wit and self-actualization. 

Hobbies:  Dancing, storytelling and art of all kinds.  

What is your favorite sport?  Flying Rings / Rock Running.   

Pet Peeves: Snoring, people who are lazy, passive and entitled. Also, junk stuck in my teeth!  

Three Words to Describe You: Magnetic, unconventional and intelligent.  

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why?

Hair ties and clamp because my hair rapidly transforms into a monster mask that I can hardly see through.

Dental floss because I can’t stand junk stuck in my teeth.

Ear plugs because I want to kill snorers!

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I’m flirty and use my sex appeal like Parvati. I also have a bit of Coach and Fabio too.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR:  This is possibly the greatest challenge that I’ll face in life… and YES - a million bucks is a plus!   

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I’m a pillar of support, nearly unshakeable. I’m a conflict resolver and controller. Also, my survival skills almost match my people skills.

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I can find a way to connect with almost anyone. I’m fit in body and mind. The “challenges” will be fun!


Name (Age): Will Sims II, 41

Tribe Designation: No Collar (Nagarote)

Current Residence: Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Occupation: YouTube Sensation

Personal Claim to Fame: Being a husband and father.

Inspiration in Life: God, for being the head of my life; my wife and daughter, for always believing and trusting in me; and my parents for being great role models.

Hobbies: Basketball, karaoke and traveling.

What is your favorite sport? Basketball

Pet Peeves: People who can’t admit when they are wrong and people who don't tip.

Three Words to Describe You:  Funny, loyal and caring.

If You Could Have Three Things on the Island, What Would They Be and Why?

Phone – so I could communicate with my family

Lotion – to keep my skin moisturized so I won’t be ashy on TV

Toilet paper – I think that’s obvious 

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Earl.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: Money! Money!

Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR:  I have great people skills and I am a team player.

Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: Because no one will be able to outplay my social game!