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The following are CBS’s new regular cast members starring this fall in new and returning series.






Wilmer Valderrama joins the cast as NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres, a charismatic, unpredictable and resilient agent, who has spent most of his career on solo undercover assignments.







Jennifer Esposito joins the cast as NCIS Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn, a quick-witted and talented agent who left to be an instructor until Gibbs (Mark Harmon) lured her back to the field.







Duane Henry joins the cast after guest starring last season as MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves, a successful and clever international agent who is on loan to NCIS as a terror liaison during these complicated times.




Vanessa Ferlito joins the cast as FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio, a tough, acerbic agent with a mysterious past in New Orleans who is sent from D.C. to investigate the NCIS team, but also work with Pride (Scott Bakula) when high-risk cases threaten the city.




Adam Rodriguez joins the cast as Luke Alvez, a former Army ranger and excellent tracker the BAU recruits from the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force.







Aisha Tyler has been upped to a series regular. She plays Dr. Tara Lewis, a forensic psychologist whose expertise is studying and interviewing serial killers after they’re captured, to determine if they’re able to stand trial.




Rob Lowe joins the cast as Col. Ethan Willis, who has been embedded at Angels Memorial by the U.S. Military’s most elite medical program to teach innovative medicine in a hospital that often resembles a combat zone, which is very familiar to him.






Boris Kodjoe has been upped to a series regular. He plays Dr. Will Campbell, the director of the ER and OR and a top-tier surgeon who is put in charge of both departments in an effort to save money and simplify administration, though it only makes things more challenging for everyone else.






Jillian Murray has been upped to a series regular. She plays Dr. Heather Pinkney, an acerbic and aggressive surgical resident whose confidence has moved her career forward as often as it has held her back.




Hunter King has been upped to a series regular. She plays Clementine, who just eloped with Tyler (Niall Cunningham) in last season’s finale, much to the surprise – and dismay – of his family.




Justin Hires joins the cast as Wilt Bozer, MacGyver’s (Lucas Till) ambitious and fun-loving best friend and roommate who has no idea what Mac actually does for a living.








Sandrine Holt joins the cast as Patricia Thornton, an ex-field agent turned director of operations for DXS (Department of External Services). She doesn’t let the title “Boss” stand in her way and is always willing to join the team in the field – she’s not going to let those under her have all the fun.





Tristin Mays joins the cast as Riley Davis, a highly unpredictable computer hacker with a chip on her shoulder. Her brain teems with knowledge about computer coding, and, although she’s pleased to be recruited for MacGyver’s (Lucas Till) team rather than be locked up in prison, she doesn’t show much gratitude.



Sebastian Arcelus has been upped to a series regular. He plays Jay Whitman, Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord’s (Téa Leoni) foreign policy advisor and an essential member of her State Department team.








Nelsan Ellis joins the cast as Shinwell Johnson, a former criminal who begins working with Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu), leveraging various illicit connections from his past to help the pair solve cases. The character first appeared in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1924 story, “The Illustrious Client.”



Christina Vidal joins the cast as Detective III Valeria Chavez, who, without the LAPD raid jacket and handcuffs, might be taken for a soccer mom. She’s the best investigator in the Robbery Homicide Division, which puts her high in the running for best investigator in the world.

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