Alana De La Garza
Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille in FBI

Hometown: Texas

Birthday: June 18

August 2021

Alana De La Garza is well known for her role on the legendary TV series “Law & Order” as ADA Connie Rubirosa. Her performance as a tough yet compassionate prosecutor garnered her an Impact Award for Outstanding Performance in a Dramatic Television Series as well as an ALMA nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Television Series.

De La Garza joined FBI in its second season and has had a recurring role as the same character on FBI’s spinoff series, FBI: MOST WANTED, also on the Network.

Her additional credits include starring opposite Gary Sinise in “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” “Scorpion” and “CSI: Miami,” all on the Network, “Forever,” “Do No Harm,” “The Book of Daniel” and “The Mountain.”

Her feature film credits include Matthew Weiner’s directorial debut, “Are You Here,” opposite Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis and Amy Poehler.

Raised in Texas, De La Garza got her break in New York on the daytime drama “All My Children” before moving to Los Angeles. She divides her time between coasts with her husband, Michael, and two children. She enjoys staying active and giving back to the community through her work with various charity organizations. Her birthday is June 18. Follow her on Twitter @Alana_DeLaGarza and Instagram @alana_delagarza.